Thursday, September 07, 2006

Favorite Carolina Circle City Articles

Carolina Circle City's been around for over a year now. I'd like to take a look back at some of my past articles and show you my favorites.

Carolina Flea Market: Dogs Keep Out: This was my first real post from September 5, 2005 from the day after I started this blog. I like this one because it takes a look at the sad attempt at a flea market inside the former Belk store.

Food in the Mall: This is from September 13, 2005. This gives a basic look at my favorite Carolina Circle Mall restaurants.

The Photo Booth: This is from September 26, 2005. Gotta love those 6-7 year old smiles on me.

Roadgeek FAQ: Carolina Circle Mall: This is from October 19, 2005. This FAQ was featured in the blog's newspaper interview.

Remembering Carolina Circle Mall: This is from October 23, 2005 and up. One of the biggest parts of Carolina Circle Mall are the memories. I think it's great people can share their memories with one another.

Carolina Circle Mall's Road System: This is from November 2, 2005. This gives a look inside the past, present, and future of Carolina Circle Mall's road sytem like Ring Road and the new Spline Road.

2002: Year of Doom: This is from November 19, 2005. This analyzes the year 2002 and why it was the worst year for the Carolina Circle Mall area.

Interior Design: This is from November 21, 2005. This takes a look at the interior design of the 1988 renovation.

Roadgeeking at Carolina Circle Part 1: This is from December 11, 2005. I created some road signs that could have been used at Carolina Circle Mall. Sadly, there was never a "Part 2". Hey, you never know.

It Lived that Long?: This is from December 27, 2005. This analyzes each decade the mall was open.

Carolina Circle Comedy: This is from January 8, 2006. Three letters describe this post. "LOL"

Pyramids Village: This is from January 12, 2006. This takes a look at the failed planned to turn Carolina Circle Mall into a sports center. However, the name "Pyramids Village" remained in the name of the new Wal-Mart shopping center.

Carolina Circle Mall Versus Four Seasons Mall: This is from January 17, 2006. It compares the two main Greensboro malls.

The Neighborhood Pictures: This is from February 4, 2006. This shows off my pictures and information of the sorrounding area of Carolina Circle Mall.

More Carolina Circle Humor: This is from February 11, 2006. Beware the mallrovian butterfly.

More Interior Pictures Part Deux: This is from February 20, 2006. These are some of the best post-closure pictures you can find. Again, thank you Sarge99.

Store of the Week: Carousel: This is from March 5, 2006. This gives pretty good information about everyone's favorite carousel. I also give it credit for being the last Carolina Circle City post before Pendle Hill Christian School closed.

New Research: This is from March 17, 2006. Thanks to a trip to the library, I was able to find a newspaper article from opening day on August 4, 1976.

Salute to Montgomery Ward: This is from April 20, 2006. Some of the best Carolina Circle Montgomery Ward information you can find.

Roadgeek's Favorite Stores: This is from May 22, 2006. Title is self explanatory.

Video Tribute: This is from June 17, 2006. Gotta love how people are trying they're best to keep the mall alive.

Some New Research for Your Pleasure: This is from July 10, 2006. Tells you what the mall was like in July of 1996.

The Surprise: This is from July 29, 2006. That was such a great day for me. I finally have a piece of Carolina Circle Mall in my home.

Happy Birthday Carolina Circle Mall!: This is from August 4, 2006. Carolina Circle City's birthday may have been this Monday, but the real celebration was August 4, 2006 when Carolina Circle Mall turned 30 years old.

The Grand Opening: This is from August 16, 2006. Carolina Circle City took you through a tour of the new Wal-Mart.

1 Year of Carolina Circle City: This is from September 4, 2006. This is when Carolina Circle City became 1 year old.

Well, those are my favorite posts. What are yours?

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