Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pyramid's Village

Many cultures believe that if you die, you'll soon be born again in another life. That was what almost happened to Carolina Circle Mall after it closed.

Since the mall closed in 2002, people were fighting over the vacant mall. GTCC was looking into making it a remote campus and Guilford County was thinking about making it county offices. But this sports place came along and I beleive bought the mall.

Here's what they did to the mall. They ripped out parts of the parking lot and installed soccer fields and tennis courts. They also bought the old Belk Distribution Center at the intersection of Cone Blvd. and 16th St. and made it a sports center.

But part of their original plan didn't become a reality. They wanted to make the mall's second floor a sports center with basketball courts, swimming pools, etc. The first floor would have retained its mall form and include retail. I remember seeing a diagram of the mall in the paper several years ago. The indoor swimming pool would have been located outside of the former Montgomery Ward.

They had a sign outside of the mall saying "Pyramid's Village Opening Fall 2003". It was soon changed to "Fall 2004" and finally "Fall 2005". Soon, the Pyramid's Village idea had fallen through. The fields were removed and the city bought the sports center down the street. It is now Greensboro SportsPlex.

Of course, Wal-Mart is now taking shape and the whole "Pyramid's Village" idea was thrown in the trash.

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Steven Swain said...

Pyramids Village was a long shot at best.