Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Surprise

On Thursday, you read that I had a very big surprise for you. Here it is.

Monday, I got on eBay and did a little searching. Well, I typed "Carolina Circle Mall" under the search and guess what they had. There was an original Carolina Circle Mall restroom sign. It was pretty cheap too. Well I bought it.

The problem was was that it was in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Just south of Charlotte. Well, we agreed to meet half-way which was in China Grove, North Carolina. Well today, we went down there and picked it up at the BP Gas Station down there.

It sure is a beauty. I've always wanted a piece of Carolina Circle Mall in my own house.

You can see more pictures of the sign here. You can also see the road sign pictures I took to and from there here. Enjoy!


cant_not said...

Too Cool

Steven Swain said...

What a find :-)

Sarge 99 said...

That is way too cool. I have one of the banner signs from the old theater sign from out front. The long one that says ccm.