Sunday, March 05, 2006

Store of the Week: Carousel

Ah yes, the Carolina Circle Carousel. In my Carolina Circle life, that was what defined Carolina Circle Mall.

The Carolina Circle Mall Carousel opened in 1988 and was the only carousel in Greensboro (Not counting those 50 cent mini carousels at K-Mart).

The Carolina Circle Mall Carousel was also the first amusement ride I ever rode. I could ride a horse within 10 minutes from my house.

Sadly, the carousel was dismantled and removed from the mall around 1997. Believe it or not, due to this unfortunate event, I never wanted to go to Carolina Circle Mall again. I locked myself in the bathroom to keep myself from going to the mall.

I'll never forget the carousel and it'll always be my biggest memory of the mall.


Sarge 99 said...

Hey Billy, Are you sure thats not the same one that is now in Oak Hollow Mall in High Point?

Billy said...

There's a carousel at Oak Hollow Mall? Haven't been there in several years.

Sarge 99 said...

ya need to make a trip out there. It looks just like the one in the pic. so does the one at Hanes.

Steven Swain said...

When did Oak Hollow Mall get a carousel?

Sarge 99 said...

Around a couple of years ago