Monday, September 04, 2006

1 Year of Carolina Circle City

Okay, the real date is 9/5/06, but I was too busy yesterday to completely concentrate on blogging. So...

It was September 4, 2005. I had recently started Road City less than a month before. I decided that it was time for a second blog.

Throughout the year of 2005, I was adding on to my list of interests. I had gotten into '90s nostalgia and big part of it was an interest in Carolina Circle Mall.

So on September 4, 2005, I decided to start my second blog. I decided to continue with the "City" series by naming it Carolina Circle City. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Here is a copy of what Carolina Circle City's very first post was on September 4, 2005:

"In everyone's modern lifetime, it is time to take the big step by creating a second blog. The Internet is a big place that sometime's is unable to quench your studies. That's where Road City came from. But with my growing interest in the great Carolina Circle Mall, I figured I should make a "Spur Route" from Road City about Carolina Circle Mall. Carolina Circle Mall to me was one of the greatest mall's ever and in my opinion, I'd rather go to Carolina Circle than going to the Mall of America. Go to your Camp Snoopy, I take my mall shopping in a more simple and laid back style. My Camp Snoopy is riding the carousel."

My first official post was the next day entitled "Carolina Flea Market: Dogs Keep Out". It took a little look in the sad attempt at a flea market inside the former Belk store of Carolina Circle Mall.

The biggest event of Carolina Circle City's history took place on October 23, 2005. Two days before, I received an email from Allen Johnson of the Greensboro News & Record wanting me to do an interview. I accepted. The interview was published two days later and traffic was at an all time high at Carolina Circle City. On the same day, I also started Carolina Circle City's popular "Remembering Carolina Circle Mall" where visitors are invited to share their memories of Carolina Circle Mall.

On Jaunary 13, 2006, Carolina Circle City received a major facelift and became the Carolina Circle City you're looking at right now. The drawback with this style is that there are more squares than circles, but don't you think the colors are like the mall? ;-)

Let's take a look at a timeline of the history of Carolina Circle City.

February 21, 2005: I take my first pictures of the mall. I also take a peek at the inside of the rotting mall from the car.

February 22, 2005: That was the day my interest took off. I got on the Internet and found the Post Apocalyptic Mall of Doom website that included tons of 2005 pictures of the inside of the mall. That was the first time I took a good look at the inside of the mall in years. Sadly, the site went offline permanently in the summer of 2005.

March 17, 2005: Not many people know this, but this was the day the very ORIGINAL Carolina Circle City opened called "Carolina Circle Mall Online". As you can tell, I didn't get far.

September 4, 2005: Carolina Circle City opens. Here's a cool fact. Carolina Circle City shares the same birthday as The Price is Right which first aired September 4, 1972.

October 23, 2005: My interview about Carolina Circle City is published in the News & Record. Online traffic sky-rockets.

January 13, 2006: Version 2.0 of Carolina Circle City debuts.

August 16, 2006: The new Wal-Mart opens and Carolina Circle City takes you through the grand opening.

September 1-2, 2006: Days of silence. Due to a Blogger Beta error, Carolina Circle City is thrown offline. On September 2, 2006, version 2.1 of Carolina Circle City debuts with its new web address.

Well, it's been a fun ride and Carolina Circle City is going nowhere. So far, Carolina Circle City has taken you through the mall's demolition, the Wal-Mart's construction, the Wal-Marts opening, and much more. Stay tuned. Carolina Circle City is going to take you through much more including the construction of the rest of Pyramids Village.

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Steven Swain said...

You are quite the historian. CCM City has always been a fun read.