Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Food in the Mall

As a fan of food (I'm not Garfield), I have found that many good food joints were at Carolina Circle Mall. I will go over a few of my favorite food places there. The * means that the restaurant was in my movie Back to the Future the Second.

Carolina Deli: I think it was called that. That was the restaruant I would all ways go to until about 1995. I remember a blue neon sign there and it was located at the food court between the pizza parlor and Monk's Diner.

Subs and Spuds: The resturant was what opened where the Carolina Deli used to be. They mainly specialized in subs and/or spuds. I would always get a hot dog. They were good, but never get seafood at the Fat Burger Resturant or cheeseburgers at the Chinese resturant.

*Piccadilly Cafeteria: Piccadilly was the mall's main resturant. It was a lot like K&W, but Piccadilly had that certain charm that made it great. My family didn't really like them, but I did. The last time I ever went to Piccadilly was in 2001 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

*Monk's Diner: No, not that detective guy on the USA Network. Monk's was Carolina Circle's flashback center. I would be walking through a mall of the 90's and suddenly be in a diner of the 50's. I didn't go there very much, but as a fan of the 50's/60's, it was cool.

Chick Filet: If you don't know what this place is, you've been living in a cave for quite awhile.

Mr. Wok: Basically your basic Chinese resturant. It filled the mall with its beautiful smell.

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Steven Swain said...

Never ate at CCM, but I remember Chick-Fil-A and Piccadilly.