Monday, May 22, 2006

Roadgeek's Favorite Stores

I'm going to name all of my favorite stores, peripheral stores, and interesting features at Carolina Circle Mall. Feel free to add yours.

1. Montgomery Ward
2. The Carousel
3. The Food Court
4. Camelot Music
5. Eckerd Drug
6. Piccadilly Cafeteria
7. Circle 6 Theatres
8. Huge Fountain outside of Dillard's
9. Radio Shack
10. Carolina Deli/Subs & Spuds
11. Monks Cheeseburgers & Cheesesteaks
12. Chick-Fil-A
13. Everything's a Dollar Store
14. The Photo Booths
15. Toys 'R Us
16. Service Merchandise


Steven Swain said...

1. Montgomery Ward
2. Ivey's
3. Belk
4. Waldenbooks
5. Camelot Music
6. Piccadilly Cafeteria
7. Service Merchandise

David Boyd said...

You could stop the elevator in Montgomery Ward without the alarm going off.

David Boyd said...

Also, they used to have a really cool haunted house in one of the downstairs vacant stores. I remember they did it for maybe two years (maybe more) in the early eighties. Might have been put on by GYC.

There was a cool restaurant that looked out over the ice rink. May have started as Tuesday's and later changed to Annabelle's(?) or vice versa.

Sarge 99 said...

1. Wards
2. Camelot Music
3. radio shack
4. foot locker

These are a few of mine

melissa said...

I remember a store that had a lot of those troll dolls. I think the name was fluff n stuff. Does anyone remember this store?