Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carolina Circle Tunes 2006

Last year, I posted a list of songs that remind me of Carolina Circle Mall. Well, I'm going to do a sequel to last year's list with 5 more songs that remind me of Carolina Circle Mall.

5. Monday Monday by the Mamas & the Papas. Back around 1994, I bought a Mamas & the Papas audio cassette at the mall's Camelot Music. One of my favorites was Monday Monday. So that song and other Mamas & the Papas songs qualify as Carolina Circle Tunes.

4. Together Forever by Rick Astley. If my calculations are correct, this was one of the number one songs in America in June 1988. That was the month Carolina Circle Mall finished its renovation and opened its carousel. Also, I believe I heard that song being played a few times at the mall.

3. The Motown Song by Rod Stewart. This song always reminds me of vintage retail and I remember hearing it being played at Carolina Circle Mall (Mainly Montgomery Ward).

2. Hotel California by the Eagles and other Eagles songs. I used to love the Eagles when I was little and I'd always listen to it on the way to the mall.

1. Puff (The Magic Dragon) by Peter, Paul & Mary and other of their music. Like the Eagles, I loved Peter, Paul & Mary and would always listen to them on the way to the mall.

That's all I can think of for now.


Sarge 99 said...

Hey Billy, Great list of songs. Check out the top two links on my blog and post some songs to the movies and music. Gotta say that the only two i like are the #1 & # 2
2 each his own


Anonymous said...

I like Peter, Paul and Mary more as a friend.

Steven Swain said...

Earth Wind & fire are my CCM 'Eagles'