Friday, September 15, 2006

Memories Make the Mall

I'd like to share a memory someone named "David" posted at Remembering Carolina Circle Mall. I think it sums up everything Carolina Circle Mall/City stands for.

"I have a lot of memories at the mall and it had it's own special energies and personality. Times spent and friends and decades no longer alive. Happy times when things were simpler.The beauty of watching skaters among the lit rink trees during my first kiss from the second story of the restaurant (Annabelles?) or the same love I shared with many of the magnificent carousel. The haunted house the drama department at Southeast hosted in the closed steak house with my friends who are no longer with me.Seeing Spiderman (his first go around)not long after the opening of the mall.Tons of movies at the theatre.The sound of birds and the occasional glimpse of deer (see opening of mall history for irony of that one.)The moon overhead while the mall was quiet in the countryside (try that at Four Seasons). I miss my old friend and apparently from all of the posts and emotional recollections from everyone here. It wasn't "just a mall" to any of you either-but a place for kind memories. Thank you for all the work you have done on this very touching (and very funny) sight. It's good to know others out there had the same dream I did."

Well David, I'd like to commend you on your thoughts. I've always believed in this theory. Your past is a very cherished thing. In my life, one of the biggest parts of my past is Carolina Circle Mall. All of the rides on the carousel, all the tapes I bought at Camelot Music, all of the cool stuff I found at Montgomery Ward, great food, etc. David is right. Carolina Circle Mall was more than a mall. It's a mall full of cherished memories.

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