Friday, October 14, 2005

In Your Dreams

Since I became interested in Carolina Circle Mall this past year, I can enjoy the mall at night. I've had some dreams about the mall that are on the Carolina Circle Mall Dream Scale (CCMDS). The levels range from 1 to 3. The first level is interesting, the second level is interesting yet weird, and the third level is Carolina Circle Mall Gone Wild. Anyway, let me go over a few dreams I've had.

1. Back around May, I had a dream that was mainly about something that I've forgotten now but featured a cameo apperance by Carolina Circle. I looked more like a strip store at your neighborhood shopping center. The reason I knew it was the mall was because the sign had the famous crescent emblem and the words "Carolina Circle Mall". That one was on level 1 (Interesting).

2. This next one was amazing. This one took place the night after the demolition began (June 30, 2005). It featured a Carolina Circle Mall in Burlington, NC. It was a lot like Greensboro because it had the giant arch at the main entrance. But the inside seemed a lot like an Imax Theatre yet had that Carolina Circle charm. What happened next was something that was very weird. When I woke up that morning, all of my Carolina Circle Mall knowledge was scattered in my brain. It was still there, but I had trouble pinpointing information. But I went out to the mall that afternoon to take some pictures of the demolition and my knowledge was organized and put back in place. That was a level 3 (Carolina Circle Mall Gone Wild).

3. The last dream was last night. In this dream, I got to go to the mall when it was opened. It was the 80's because it had the ice rink. But for some reason, the mall had a mixture of the ice rink era color scheme (Brown floor, orange Wards sign, etc) and the carousel era color scheme (Pink and limegreen color scheme, the color stripes on the walls, etc). That was a level 2 (Interesting but weird).

Those were the three famous Carolina Circle dreams that have aired in the Roadgeek's head. There are some more, but it's hard to remember them.

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Steven Swain said...

You're an odd one, Billy :-)