Sunday, October 09, 2005

Uncertain Death Date

We all know that Carolina Circle Mall closed not too long ago in this decade. But it is uncertain what year it was. Some say 2001 and some say 2002. Personaly, I say 2002.

Why it was 2001:
1. The mall corridor closed in 2001
2. A mall is impossible with just one store
3. Dateline: Greensboro book says 2001

Why it was 2002:
1. The mall's last store (Montgomery Ward) closed
2. I think that was when it was borded up
3. The majority of people say 2002

It has to probably be in 2002. But when in 2002? Probably sometime in either January or February. If anyone knows the exact date, let me know.


Steven Swain said...

I would say 2002. Wards lasted until late January of '02.

Billy said...

I looked at a calendar of January 02 and I estimate the Carolina Circle Mall Doomsday was Monday, January 28, 2002.