Monday, October 31, 2005

Dixie Classic Fair Featuring the Carolina Circle Carousel's Big Brother

I've always said that the Legacy of Carolina Circle Mall has continued even after it closed/demolished. This is a perfect example of my theory.

For all my life, I've been to the Dixie Classic Fair and every year I've seen this carousel. Look familiar? It should. The Dixie Classic Fair Carousel follows the same design as the Carolina Circle Mall Carousel. The only big difference is is that this one is a double decker.

Just look at it. Along the side, it features the same light layout that Carolina Circle had. Both have a horse on the very top of it. Both have the same color scheme. There are many other differences too.

I was hoping that this year I could ride it so I could feel like I was at Carolina Circle again but I didn't get the chance.

By the way, I spotted another Carolina Circle Carousel look alike at Grand Prix Family Thril Park in North Myrtle Beach, SC.


Steven Swain said...

That's one beautiful carousel.

Tim said...

my favorite thing on the CCM Carousel was the sit-and-spin thing. Like on a playground, but with a big wheel in the middle you could turn and spin yourself. My sister and I ALWAYS got on this and I can't remember ever riding on the horses EVER. We used to spin in the opposite direction as the Carousel was spinning and get so nauseous. It was a blast though.

Billy said...

I usualy used the spin thing too.