Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Closer Look at the Carousel Controversy

Today, I thought we would take a closer look at the Ice Rink Vs. Carousel issue and try to make some sense out of all this.

As you all know, Sunshine Properties bought Carolina Circle Mall in August 1986 and hired Strouse Greenberg to renovate the mall in 1987. June of 1988 brought the unveiling of the new Carolina Circle Mall which included a new color scheme, brighter lighting, the famous Circle Crescent Emblem, and most importantly, a new Carousel.

You also probably know that the new Carousel and Food Court required the removal of the Ice Chalet.

And this is where the problem occurs. You see; a lot of people came to the mall for the rink. People loved to watch people ice skate, catch an ice show, and even participate in the skating. From what I've heard, it was pretty awesome.

Carolina Circle Mall's Ice Rink at the time was the only rink in Greensboro. And when the rink was removed in 1988 and replaced with the Carousel, people simply boycotted this new situation.

In television terms, people have decided that this is the point in the mall's history where it "jumped the shark".

People who know me know that I have always preferred the Carousel Era over the Ice Rink Era. However, I try to show respect for the Ice Rink Era as well. The main reason why I prefer the Carousel Era is because it's the era I grew up in. I missed the Ice Rink by about a year and a half.

I believe that the Carousel Era had as much luster as the Ice Rink Era did, but in its own special way.

According to my research at the library and the Internet, many special events occurred during the Carousel Era that could have passed during the Ice Rink Era. Famous people such as Dale Earnhardt, Richard Simmons, and The Muppets visited the mall during the Carousel Era during the 1990s.

Also, other special events during the 1990s included Santa Claus parachuting to the mall in 1993, at least one 4th of July fireworks show in 1994, sports card shows, and Halloween Trick or Treat parties that occurred until at least 1995.

In conclusion, I simply believe the Carousel Era doesn't get the respect it deserves. Don't get me wrong though. The Ice Rink Era was pretty awesome from videos, pictures, and stories I've seen. Gotta love that Cheshire Cat. Any opinions?

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