Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I was doing some web surfing awhile ago and I came across this interesting audio clip.

It's a 30 second commercial advertising Carolina Circle Mall, composed by LA Jingles of Los Angeles, California.

It does not have any information at all about it. The slogan is apparently "It All Comes Together at Carolina Circle Mall". The music sort of sounds like carousel music, so it could possibly be from the Carousel Era. Could somebody please help me if you have any information.

You can find it here. Simply click on the link at Dogpile.com. Also, it requires RealPlayer.


Steven Swain said...

That's late Ice Rink era, actually. Carousel Era had a more upbeat jingle with a really fast piano and "C'mon, shop around the circle...Carolina Circle Mall!"

Eric said...

I remember a Christmas variation ("Christmas comes together") and an Ice Chalet version, too. It was definitely used for TV spots in addition to radio.
I really wish my family had made it down to Carolina Circle more often, but my mom had this thing about going outside of High Point too often. More's the pity. :(