Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Moments Before Smackdown

From January to about May of 2005, people broke into Carolina Circle Mall and vandalized it. As you can see in the above picture, the most damaged done to the mall was by vandalisim and not age.

I wasn't one of the people who broke in. I just observed the exterior of the mall from the parking lot. Occasionaly, I'd get a glimpse of the interior from the entrance. But a lot of people just went in there and nearly destroyed the monument of retail. If you were one of those people, this is a citizen's arrest! Please put your hands on your computer monitor and spread them. I'll be by to frisk you later. LOL

However, a lot of people broke in just to explore. I some what admire these people. Especially those who posted them on the Internet. As for me, I was sort of afraid to explore the insides of the mall and relive my past. It just seemed dangerous with the broken glass, vandals, and mall rats. I'd just prefer to observe through a computer monitor. But I wish I took some better pictures of the inside of the mall when it was closed. I have 3 I took from the car, but still.

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Steven Swain said...

It's probably better that you stayed on the outside. You never know what or who could be lurking around an abandoned mall.