Thursday, April 13, 2006

Carolina Circle Mall... Roadgeek Style

This is my little version of Carolina Circle Mall.

If I had bought the mall sometime around 1996ish, I would have made a few changes if I had the money. The changes are in the above map.

As you can see, I would have renamed the food court "Carousel Station" for obvious reasons.

When the mall was renovated in the late '80s and when the ice rink was removed, people were very upset which might have hurt the mall. Well what I would have done was keep the carousel where it is, but build onto the mall eastward pass the theater and Piccadilly. I would have built a special section for the Ice Chalet. It might not be as fancy as the original, but better than nothing.

Also across from the new Ice Chalet, I would have added a new store called the "Carolina Circle Gift Shop". It would include mall souvenirs like mugs saying "My friend went to Carolina Circle Mall and all I got was this lousy mug".

Not seen in the map, I would have kept most of the remaining items like the green/pink color scheme etc, but make a few changes like carpeting in certain areas and lights around the exterior of the mall. Also a few surprises.

That would have cost a lot of money, but it might have saved the mall. Hey, it's 10:45 PM and my mind wanders at night.

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Steven Swain said...

Thoe are some good ideas, but the link to the larger image does not work.