Friday, February 17, 2006

More Interior Pictures

Just when you thought everyone quit uploading interior pictures of Carolina Circle on the Internet, 8 more is added.

Found some more interior pictures of the mall in 2005. Pretty interesting. What makes it interesting is that the pictures are dated July of 2005. We all know that the mall was being torn down that month, however the pictures show no sign of demolition.

Here they are, knock yourself out.
Carolina Circle Mall July 2005


Steven Swain said...

No wonder that place had so much bad luck. look at all those broken mirrors!

Sarge 99 said...

Hey Billy! Check out my pics on Yahoo. My name there is sargeboy99

Christopher said...

"8 more *is* added"??

Our grammar are good, ain't it? :-P

Seriously though, good pics.