Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Birth of a Mall: Birds Eye

This is what the birds saw on Opening Day August 4, 1976. Amazing isn't it?

As you can see, the outparcels such as the Craftsmen Studio, Color Tile, Toys R' Us, and Service Merchandise aren't yet built. I know that Toys R' Us opened in 1985.


Steven Swain said...

Seems a little unreal thinking back about it. That mall started out so popular.

Sarge 99 said...

And to think I was only a year old when that pic was made. HEY billy are you going to put up the pic i sent you??


Billy said...

Steve: Very true. I'm going to post some more opening day pictures soon that also include retro 70's cars in the parking lot.

Sarge99: I'm going to once I get settled with this computer. It's my dad's and the add picture feature won't work on it.

Sarge 99 said...

Sounds great. I finally got a DSL connection so I need to get with you sometime and find out how to do some things on my blog.



Anita said...

Heh, I forgot about Color Tile place. when I was younger and I'd pass by it at night in my parents car (in Hampton, VA) I thought it was called "Color Time".