Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Double Trouble

Many people I've talked to have been in favor of the ice rink over the carousel. Of course, I'm a carousel person. But the ice rink was really popular and the removal of it might have killed the mall. But without the carousel, my life at Carolina Circle Mall wouldn't have been a special because I was too young to ice skate.

But something could have been done that could have saved the mall and make everyone happy. They could have put the carousel at the food court, but move the ice rink to a different location. This would have kept the fun everyone has had at the rink, but spare the fun other people had at the carousel. This could also have included the same green/pink color scheme and crescent emblem.

However, they would have had to make the rink smaller. With this, the rink could have been moved to maybe the center court at Dillard's.

A double whammy like this could have given the mall a double boost of power.

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Steven Swain said...

It would have been easier to place the carousel in a different spot than to move the ice rink.