Monday, September 26, 2005

My Memories

Time to go over some of my memories of the mall.

1. When I was about 2, on the day after Thanksgiving, me, my mom, and my aunt went shopping at Montgomery Ward. Apparently, I was being very annoying and my mom spanked me right in the middle of Montgomery Ward. She said I didn't cry, but my eyes got real big and surprised.

2. I remember every Christmas I would play in the Christmas Village like thingy outside of Montgomery Ward.

3. A lot of times, after I would eat lunch, I would get vanilla ice cream at some shop beside of Monk's.

4. Seeing Home Alone 2 at the theater.

5. Always smelling that Chinese food/Chick Fil'A combination through out the mall.

6. Getting our lawn mowers and small televisions repaired at Montgomery Ward.

7. My parents prohibiting me from going to that arcade. Only went in there about 3 times.

8. Buying a patio swing at some kiosk near the food court and lugging it to the pickup truck. That marked my first and only trip through an emergency exit.

9. Riding in the spinning carrage on the carousel and my dad getting in trouble for spinning it too hard.

10. Breaking the automatic seatbelt in my grandmother's car while pulling out of the mall.

11. Jumping on some moonwalk outside of Belk. Two rides in one evening. A carousel and a moonwalk.

12. Getting mad when the pizza parlor sign wasn't on.

13. Throwing pennies into the fountain near Dillard's.

14. I remember when they got rid of the carousel. Before my first trip to the non-carousel mall, I locked myself in the bathroom. When we got there I remember riding down the escalator near Belk and seeing the upcoming food court. I closed my eyes and braced myself. It looked very weird.

15. Buying audio tapes at Camelot.

16. The fateful last trip down the famous mall corridor in March, 2001. Only Montgomery Ward and some store that probably closed 2 seconds later were open. Probably all of the main entrances were closed and you could only get in there via Montgomery Ward. I only went as far as the food court when there were no restaurants open. The mall started to creep me out some I turned around and went back to Wards. I never went in the mall corridor ever again.

17. And finally, my final trip to Carolina Circle Mall. We pulled up to Montgomery Ward to the loading dock entrance (Our Regular Entrance). The entire first floor was closed so we had to go in on the other side. They had squeezed in all of their electronics into one section across from the furniture. They were even selling a vintage 1980's Montgomery Ward TV. Should have bought it.

Those are some of my memories of the great mall.

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Steven Swain said...

Those are cool memories.