Tuesday, September 27, 2005

El Mugo

I was going through some of my old Dixie Classic Fair picture mugs and this was in the box. This was taken at one of these malls: A. Carolina Circle Mall B. Four Seasons Mall. If you chose B, you haven't visited this blog enough.

This mug was made around 1993 or 1994. You can tell it's Carolina Circle because you can see a lime green baby stroller and maybe a lime green bench.

Apparently, this was a father's day present for my dad.


Steven Swain said...

That's wild. You even have a CCM cup!

Mark Holder said...

Lots of jewelers started careers at CCM...A lot more than the "other mall"!

From the Carlyle & Co.:

Mark Holder founder Mark Holder Jeweller
Dave Bryson founder Bryson Jewelers
Jim Kelly founder Heritage Jewelers
Harold Creech founder Jamestown Jewelers
Bill Thunberg founder Alexander Zachary Jewellers

From Saslows:
Wilton Moody now Moody Bros Jewelry

From Bardy's Fine Jewelry:
Terry Kahn still with Bardys

Seems like yesterday.