Monday, August 04, 2014

Happy 38th Birthday

Sixteenth Anniversary Ad October 16, 1992

Carolina Circle Mall officially opened this day in 1976. Over the past 9 years of having this blog, I’ve said so many things about the mall that it seems like there might not be anything else to say.

However, I got to thinking awhile ago about the memories I have of going to Carolina Circle Mall as a child and how much I enjoyed the overall atmosphere, not just the Carousel. Compared to the other malls in the area at that time, and even nowadays, there was something different about Carolina Circle, but what was it?

I think that unlike other malls that were built strictly for business and retail, Carolina Circle Mall was designed to be not only retail, but for entertainment. It was the only mall in the area with a movie theater attached to it and most notably, it was the only mall in the area to ever have an Ice Chalet or a Carousel (however Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem now has a small Carousel). Even though Carolina Circle Mall failed financially, I will always remember it for the special features it had that set it apart from other malls but most importantly, the memories the mall gave me.

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