Tuesday, August 06, 2013

WFMY News 2 1989 Newscast at Carolina Circle Mall

At the 23:12 mark in this 6:00 newscast from November 16, 1989, WFMY News 2 does a man on the street interview with various people at the Carolina Circle Mall food court.

At this time, the food court was roughly one year old. Apparently, not many restaurants had open yet, such as Circle Cafe & Deli and Gatto Pizza. At the 23:34 mark, a coming soon sign for Monk's Cheesesteaks can be seen. Monk's would open in June 1990, about 8 months after this video was shot. I'm guessing a lot of the restaurants didn't open until around 1990 or 1991. The Carousel was also here at this time, but it is not shown in this video.

I'm having trouble identifying the store that's in the background at the 23:58 mark. I'm thinking it might be Fluf 'N Stuff, but I'm not sure.

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