Friday, February 05, 2010

New Ice Rink Discovery

I was going through the Google news archives this evening and I came across some interesting information regarding the closure of the Ice Chalet.

First, let’s backtrack to August of 2009. That was when I finally discovered that the month the Carousel Era began was November 1988. That was good in itself, but that still didn’t tell me when the Ice Chalet closed.

Well this evening, I found a newspaper article from Burlington’s Times News from I believe March 1988 which included a story regarding someone recently skating at Carolina Circle Mall’s ice rink.

Thus, that finally partly answered my question. Obviously, the Ice Chalet closed in 1988. It had to have been between March 1988 and November 26, 1988 (the date the Carousel opened). The only question remaining is when in 1988. I’m led to believe it was before June 1988, because I have a newspaper ad from that month which used the Carousel Era Circle Crescent emblem.

Just some random deep thinking. But at least I now know that the Ice Chalet closed in 1988. Still hurts that I missed the Ice Chalet by only a year.


Steven Swain said...

Definitely 1988. I want to say it was during the summer.

dbgregory said...

I came home from college for the closing of the rink. It was March 1988. I was the last one on the ice skating with Betty Salter before turning off the compressors. I was there before the mall opened skating and was there on the last day of the rink...