Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life Around The Circle: Stories of Carolina Circle Mall

No, despite the title, this has nothing to do with those silly comics about The Wilsons, Carolina Circle Mall’s dysfunctional family, this is something even better.

I’ve done quite a lot of thinking lately about writing a book about Carolina Circle Mall. I announced it this past summer, but the truth is, I haven’t done a darn thing with it yet.

However, tomorrow, February 11, I plan on booting up my Windows 7, opening up Microsoft Word, and begin writing my book.

The title of this post will be the name of the book I am going to write, Life Around The Circle: Stories of Carolina Circle Mall.

Here’s a quick summery of what the book will be about. I plan on it not really being a book about the history of Carolina Circle Mall. Instead, it will be about stories and memories of the mall. For example, I’ll have chapters/sections for certain stores, chapters/sections about other people’s stories of the mall, pictures, nostalgia, and much more. And yes, there will still be some history in there.

I am more than opened to suggestions. Please let me know.

Also, I would really like to interview various people’s memories of Carolina Circle to put in the book. Please let me know if you’d like to be interviewed.


Schteveo said...

Dude! Are you mental? A blog about CCM?

My folks moved from Raleigh to G'boro in the late 70's. I remember my sister and her friends hanging out there in 80's. It wasn't exactly the Glendale Galleria!!

Travis said...

Dude!! Dont be a hater!! Everyone of us have our thing. Billy is a great kid and is probably going to get rich on all of his hard work documenting this mall. I only wish I had his drive!! Keep it up BIlly!!!!