Sunday, February 07, 2010

Home of Carolina Circle Mall is Stepping into the Future

Please gather around the computer monitor for this one folks. This is heavy (Marty McFly moment for the day).

Since 2007, Home of Carolina Circle Mall has been quite successful. Although not as popular as my Carolina Circle City blog, Home of Carolina Circle Mall has had its share of moments the past three years online.

Well, the year is now 2010 and it is now a new decade; the 2010s. I've done a lot of thinking lately and I think that it is time for Home of Carolina Circle Mall to move on up.

This evening, I spent almost two hours on the phone with my YouTube friend Jeremy Lowery. Both of us came to an agreement and he is going to start hosting Home of Carolina Circle Mall on his own web server.
Since Home of Carolina Circle Mall's beginning in May 2007, the host/provider of the web service used for Home of Carolina Circle Mall has been While it was nice for awhile, it's become quite a headache recently. Loading speeds have been slow since the start, very poor security in the guestbook system, and just today, I had a terrible time uploading newspaper ads. Also, the $9 a month has become a pain as well.

Jeremy Lowery has offered me nearly unlimited storage (compared to's 700MB storage limit), unlimited bandwidth, a website design software, and much more, all for free! He said it would be his honor to help preserve a piece of history known as Carolina Circle Mall. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. All of this is a dream come true. I am so glad to finally see Home of Carolina Circle Mall expand.

Also, Jeremy is going to help me in a total redesign of the website. This means that before long, expect a totally new layout scheme and template. The design that the site's using now has been used since November 2007.

The big transfer is going to occur sometime tomorrow (Sunday February 7, 2010). I'm not quite sure what to expect, if the transition will be sudden or not. However, the web address will remain the same and, for now, the design/layout will remain the same. But nevertheless, Home of Carolina Circle Mall is finally stepping into the future!

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Steven Swain said...

Good luck on the modernization!