Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hitting the Big Time!

Folks, it's official. This Tuesday night, October 20, 2009, I will appear on Reidsville's WGSR-TV live at 8:30pm to discuss Carolina Circle Mall.

Unfortunately, you can only pick this station up with a digital antenna or on their website. I will post a link to the site once I find it. I don't think you can even get it on Time Warner Cable.

But anyway, we'll see what happens and don't forget, I will be on WGSR-TV this Tuesday night at 8:30pm, for 30 minutes. I also think I'll be taking live phone calls to answer questions and for people to tell their memories of the mall.


Steven Swain said...

Congratulations, Billy!

cantnot said...

I think it is carried on cable in Danville and in Eden, Reidsville and other parts of Rockingham County... and like you said on their website. I can't pick them up with my antenna in Greensboro though but I'll try to catch your segment.