Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Interior Pictures!

Well, it's been about a year and half since I last found some decent pictures of Carolina Circle Mall's interior. My wait is over with these great early birthday presents.

I have come across an album with pictures taken in I believe 2004. They include:

  • Pictures of the inside of Belk.
  • Pictures of the inside of Dillard's.
  • Pictures of the inside of Toys "R" Us.
And of course, I have a question about a certain picture.

In this picture, what store is this and what is that pink piece of paper that has the mall's emblem?

The album is here. Please enjoy.

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Animatronixx said...

Hello, roadgeek!

this could make you wonder, but I´m from Germany and of course NEVER have been at the Carolina Circle Mall. To be honest, I´ve never ever heard about it before. I found your stunning website accidentally via youtube and - believe it or not - I´m pretty fascinated of it and I´m really digging this forgotten part of history. ;) I´m definitely impressed of the way you keep an icon of your alive with this blog. Thanks a lot! And don´t give a damn if people think you´re a freak wasting precious time keeping the mall virtually alive. I really love the way you do it and I understand your feelings with this, comparing them to my own childhood icons! That´s what I wanted you to know after reading your blog for hours (despite... well, let´s face it: In fact I have virtually no reason for caring about a dead shopping mall abroad. *LOL*).

Concerning the picture: It looks like there are CD covers around, so could this be an inside view of the Camelot Music store?