Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mall Memories: Carolina Circle Mall

I came across a website a few minutes ago that features a few little things about Carolina Circle Mall.

Basically, it's a website dealing with malls that have been demolished and it includes Carolina Circle Mall.

Most of it are pictures taken from Carolina Circle City and videos from YouTube. And that's about it. If I could figure out html, I could add a few things to it.

I admire the dedication of that site and invite you to take a look at it here.


Steven Swain said...

Mall Memories is a wiki site. My friend Doug runs it. In fact, I thought you were the one that added the CCM info to the site ;-)

If you want to add some information to it, go right ahead. That entry needs some work.

David said...

Billy, PLEASE do us the honor of filling in some details on the Carolina Circle Mall - MallMemories.com is just getting started and that entry could sure use some detail. I've already hit up Steven so you're next! You don't need to know HTML - there is an edit link at the top of every page. Just click it and the site will give you a box to type in. We'd consider it an honor!

Doug said...

Billy, your comments and additions look great on the new mallmemories site - thank you for your time and interest - thanks for the link also. I have returned the favor too your blog. I hope you will feel free to come back anytime and add/update any of our pages as we try to build a database of mall stories. Thanks again for your help.