Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grand Opening Ad

David Gwynn from Otherstream.com emailed me this amazing picture yesterday.

This ran in Greensboro newspapers in 1976 advertising the grand opening of the mall that made this blog possible.

Also notice in the lower right-hand corner of the ad, that there is a different Carolina Circle emblem. Unlike the more known Carousel Era Lime/Pink Crescent, this emblem is a lot less complex. I can't really make it out, but it looks like a yellow emblem with cat holding a circle resembeling what they use to hypnotize people.

Special thanks to David Gwynn again.


WB said...

No, it's not a cat holding a twirling coin. I remember that emblem well. The whole Circle Mall advertising campaign seemed to revolve around a kind of Alice in Wonderland theme in the beginning. Note the characters at the top of the page.

The cat you see is a Cheshire Cat grinning at you with its tail curled back underneath itself. That tail is what gives it the "hypno coin" look you are talking about. I saw that emblem a lot during the early years at Carolina Circle.

Steven Swain said...

I never realized how much the whole "Alice in Wonderland" theme was used at carolina circle. That's pretty wild.