Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Fake Origins of Carolina Circle Mall

I have one thing to say before I do this. Carolina Circle Comedy rocks! Also, all of this is fake.

The origins of Carolina Circle Mall date back to 1956. When the Eisenhower Interstate System started, an Interstate corridor was planned for US-29 in the Greensboro, NC area.

In the '50s, enclosed malls were new and rare and the city of Greensboro wanted to step into the future. If they were going to have an Interstate, they needed to have an enclosed mall on that route. Unfortunately, the Interstate corridor plan fell through and the mall idea was put to rest until the '70s.

Sometime in the early '70s, a farmer in Vine Grove, Kentucky somehow discovered a "Mall Seed". This unnamed farmer sold it to the city of Greensboro in 1974. With this seed, Greensboro had the power to literally plant the seed and grow a mall. If they were to grow a mall, why not grow it where they originally planned to build a mall. US-29 in NE Greensboro!

In April of 1974, the city planted the seed in a rural area off of US-29 at Cone Boulevard. It took about 2 years to grow, but the mall was fully grown in 1976 and opened on August 4, 1976.

The name "Carolina Circle Mall" means "The Mall that Circled in Carolina's Wishbook for 20 years".