Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Even More Research

Not as much of load as yesterday, but I'd like to share some more information I found at the library today. I'd like to thank the folks down at the Downtown Greensboro Public Library for this.

1. For a little while, a water slide park opened beside Carolina Circle Mall in April of 1978.

2. The 1950's TV star who played the Lone Ranger signed autographs at Carolina Circle Mall at the mall's second birthday in August of 1978.

3. When the mall finished it's renovation in June of 1988, the owners touted it as a renaissance for the mall. Singers even preformed the Hallelujah Chorus and the Star-Spangled Banner at the mall. The Mayor at the time was Vic Nussbaum who made a speech. There was a weekend long festival which featured live music. That's a pretty neat way to bring in a carousel and a pink/lime green color scheme.

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