Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Very Early Years

Ever wondered what Carolina Circle Mall was like before it was built? I have the answer.

According to the book Dateline: Greensboro, a dentist named Doctor T. Edgar Sikes owned a cattle farm on the future site of Carolina Circle Mall.

I think in the early '70s, Edgar sold his farm to the Carolina Circle developers.

I have an aeral picture of his farm taken in 1965 in that book, but due to copyright, I'm unable to post it. That picture also shows Cone Boulevard ending at US-29 instead dead ending a mile east.


Steven Swain said...

The picture is 40 years old, so technically the copyright has expired. Still it's always good to ask permission.

Anonymous said...

Before Dr. Sikes, it was a dairy (Textile Dairy), operated by Cone Mills Corp. A wonderful place for blackberries, wild garlic, and chiggers. At that time Cone Blvd did not exist and Hgwy 29 was Summit Ave. O'Henry Oaks was a beautiful forest of huge trees where us kids from Caesar Cone School held our "end of year " picnics. THOSE were the good times!!