Sunday, March 05, 2006

Golden Corral

The picture above is the former Carolina Circle Area Golden Corral. It is currently the Copa Rocka Cantina.

I don't know much about this Golden Corral. I think it first started out as several restaurants including a steak house. It became a Golden Corral in the early 90's and was the first Golden Corral I ever went to.

Towards the end of the business, the service at this Golden Corral became negative. The food was dirty, the service was unacceptable, and was unsanatary. It closed in the mid 90's around 1995 or 1996.

Since then, the building has been several night clubs starting with the Lucky Seven and currently the Copa Rocka Cantina.


David Boyd said...

The first thing I ever remember it being was Jack's Steakhouse. That was from the late seventies/early eighties so I think that's the first thing it was.

Steven Swain said...

Where was that Golden Corral? I don't remember it being out there.

Billy said...

It was next to the old K-mart.