Friday, December 02, 2005

Mall Overview

Thanks to the folks at Microsoft, I am able to give you this bird's eye view of the mall on Feburary 28, 1999. This is definately a new take on Carolina Circle Imagery.

Remember, this is 1999. 1998-2002 was the mall's time in its death bed. There were only like 15-20 stores open and Montgomery Ward was the mall's life support. In fact, I don't remember ever going to the mall (excpect maybe Ward's) from late 1998-2001.

With this view, you are able to tell where the mall's corridor is. Just follow those little lumps on the roofs of Wards and Belk. Then, just follow the skylights. There is also a good view of that multideck skylight above the ice rink/carousel area.

You can also tell by the amount of cars in the parking lot how the mall was doing that day.

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Steven Swain said...

There's nobody at Belk, but Dillard's is apparently packed.