Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Carolina Circle Mall Carousel at its New Location at ________________

The Carolina Circle Mall Carousel was dismantled and removed from the mall in 1997. You could no longer buy a stereo at Montgomery Ward and immediatley jump on a horse and ride away (in a circle).

But the carousel cost about $250,000! Why would you want to throw it away? This means that the carousel still exists as of 2005. But where?

I did come upon a hint back in 2001. I was at the Colonial Mall in Myrtle Beach and saw a similar carousel to the one at Carolina Circle. It had the same light pattern, colors, and designs. But it wasn't it because the top of it was too flat. This means that there might be many other carousels that look like the Carolina Circle one.

If anyone knows where the Carolina Circle Mall Carousel is now, let me know. I might go ride on it. Unless it's at California Circle Mall.


Steven Swain said...

I figure the carousel is somewhere on the East Coast. That's a lot of wood to move.

homeschooldiva said...

I really enjoy this site. My husband and I both loved Carolina Circle Mall. I was employed there all throughout high school. First, at Style Plus Menswear, then at Ivey's and finally at Annabelle's. Thanks for the updates.

The Gust said...

Not to mention that carousels usually are kept and moved elsewhere. The one at Disneyland is from somewhere else. When the city of St Paul closed the nation's largest indoor park (right above Town Square), the carousel up there was moved out of downtown and into a local park.