Friday, September 16, 2005

Skate Circle Park

Apparently Carolina Circle Mall hasn't been just a mall. According to this picture, the mall's also been a skate park.

Coincidentaly, I was talking to some people today who were saying that Carolina Circle's a great place to skate. Well, it was. The building's about gone.

Carolina Circle Mall seems to be a real skating attraction. You could also ice skate there.

From what I've noticed about the mall's design, it had a great structure for skating. I have no experience in skating, but places like the Dillard's entrances had "half-pipes".

So I wouldn't be surprised if the next Tony Hawk video game will have a Carolina Circle level.


Steven Swain said...

My borther always jokingly talked about using Ivey's as a quarter-pipe. That's the first picture I've seen of anyone doing that at CCM.

Guy said...

Did you know that there was a skateboard park built as part of the mall complex? It was across the parking lot from the mall and was adjacent to a waterslide. At least that is how I remember it from 1978.